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Volare Sports is a management agency with a heart for (inter)national athletes, established in the Netherlands but with a visible presence worldwide.

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What can Volare Sports do for you as an athlete?

Athlete management

In pursuing our athletes’ dreams we take responsibility for the well-being and success of athletes Good health is always our priority!

Together, we strive for podium places. On the way to the top we proactively facilitate things such as coaching, financial advice, sponsoring, medical and physical supervision and network management. What does that include exactly? We offer services, such as physiotherapy, and equipment to meet our athletes’ needs. By doing this, there is less chance of injury. And through this our athletes stay fit! We do this on location – in Kenya, for example.

We arrange everything from A to Z: booking tickets, transporting equipment, but we will also be there when you cross the finish line.

To be able to achieve our ambitions, everything has to be individually planned and we expect focus from Team Volare, the Volare Sports family.

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We provide for the needs of our athletes by using various sponsors. Through providing equipment, supplements, sports fuel and medical supervision, we strive to support and guide our athletes to the best of our abilities. 

Furthermore, Volare Sports offers its athletes marketing and social media support. We are aware of the latest developments and of course we keep our athletes well informed and up to date.

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Running Events

Volare Sports is represented at all major international Marathons.

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Our Athletes

At Volare Sports athletes get the attention they deserve. We are there for them and they can count on us, 24/7. The driving force in everything we do comes from our love of athletics. Our athletes can feel that love within Volare Sports. We ensure that they have a ‘home away from home’ feeling. Are you part of the Volare Family? Then you will feel loved, you will feel at home and you can always be yourself. Volare Sports is there for you!

  • Debuting on a marathon is like a dream coming true.

  • hard work & dedication will pay off one day

  • My carriere just started, I long to be the best in roadraces

  • My target is the Olympic marathon in 2024

  • I want to break through on roadraces

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