Three sisters who feel we should help people in need.

It is incredibly satisfying to help support others.

Who are we?

We, Sisters For Sisters, are three sisters who feel we should help people in need. It is satisfying to support others when they need it and to be a part of their lives. Even if it is just a small step in the right direction. Through our Sisters For Sisters Foundation we mainly support women and children from East Africa who are in distressing situations and could really use a helping hand.

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These are often very hard working women, and most of the time they are in difficult situations because there isn’t enough money or means to help them progress. This could be because they have lost their job, or their husband, they didn’t get enough education. It could also be that they grew up in a poor family with few opportunities.

Sisters For Sisters collects money for women and children that are in urgent need of help. This money is used for things like groceries, paying school fees and we provide medical help where necessary. We look at each situation individually to find out what is needed.

Our Sisters on the other side of the world need help and that is why we are looking for ‘brothers and sisters’ on this side of the world!